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Csángó music from Moldva and Gyimes.


Szikra & Melinda at the Balkan Chesnut Festival in 2018Szikra plays traditional Hungarian dance music of the Csángó people from Moldva and Gyimes in Romania. The energetic, ancient pulse of this music ignites the dancers’ fervor, and inspired the band name Szikra, which means “spark” in Hungarian. Csángó dances are lively and easy to follow, and include both line and couple dances, many with syncopated rhythms.

Emese leads Szikra on the woodwind instruments, furulya (short flute) and kaval (long flute); Chris plays doromb (mouth harp); and Joseph provides percussion on dob (drum) and ütőgardon (hit cello). Szikra often plays with other musicians, adding to the richness of the music with additional woodwind and stringed instruments, such as koboz (lute) and hegedű (fiddle).

Since its formation in 2014, Szikra performs regularly at cultural events and Hungarian dance house parties (táncház-es) in Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., Michigan, New Jersey, and New York.


Furulyás (flute player) at Barcroft Balkan Dancers in 20172018 recording

Moldvai: Öves [kaval only]

2016 FSGW MiniFest

Moldvai: Kecskés


Moldvai: Ördög útja (Drumul dracului)


2019 Zlatne Uste Golden Festival

Moldvai: Bulgáros

2019 World Village Music & Dance Camp

Gyimesi: Régi héjsza


Szikra and friends playing at Golden Festival in 2019

Szikra and friends at the Balkan Chestnut Festival in 2019

Szikra at Barcroft Balkan Dancers in 2019

Tisza and Szikra at FSGW in 2015