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Folklife Festival leatherworkUseful links.


Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2013 — focus on Hungarian Heritage: Roots to Revival.

Táncháztalálkozó — the annual dance house festival in Budapest.

Folk Rádió — listen to Hungarian music.

Magyar Iskola / Hungarian Academy — Hungarian children's school in Washington, DC.

Centrum Management — Manages Hungarian folk artists and organizes performance tours.

North American Groups

Bartók — dance group in Calgary, Alberta.

Bátori József Scouts — Scout group with dancing in Washington, DC.

Borozda Ensemble — dance group in Chicago, IL. On Facebook.

Montreal workshop 2013 hegedűBokréta — dance group in Montréal, Québec. Also runs the Montréal Winter Workshop in mid-February each year.

Carpathia Folk Dance Ensemble — international folk dance group in Washington, DC. Also on Facebook.

Cleveland Hungarian Scout Folk Ensemble — dance group in Cleveland, OH. Also on Facebook.

Csárdás (Edmonton) — dance group in Edmonton, Alberta.

Csárdás (Vancouver) — dance group in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Csipke Ensemble — dance group in Detroit, MI and Toledo, OH. Also runs Csipke Tábor around the first week of July each year near Brooklyn, MI. Also on Facebook.

Csűrdöngölő — dance group in New Brunswick, NJ.

Életfa — Hungarian folk band in New Brunswick, NJ.

Fėnyes Banda — Hungarian folk band in New York, NY.

Forrás — dance group in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Gyanta — Hungarian folk band in Toronto, Ontario.Folklife Festival hat

Kárpátok — dance group in Los Angeles, CA. Also on Facebook.

Kodály — dance group in Toronto, Ontario.

Napraforgók — dance group in Sarasota, FL. Also runs Napraforgók Tábor in mid-March each year. Also on Facebook.

Vadrózsa — dance group in Calgary, Alberta. Also on Facebook.

Western Canadian Hungarian Folk Festival (WCHFF) — the name says it all.